Events are used to run scripts or play effect sequences.

Event Control Channels

The control channels define a set of channels which can be used to fire events using your sequence data.

Normally the major/minor values should be set to 0 but each value can be set from 1 to 24 so a total of 24 * 24 events can be configured.

The values you set in your sequencer are 10x the desired event ID. If you set the control channels to 1 and 2, and in your sequencer you put a 10 in channel one and a 40 in channel two that will cause event ID 1/4 to fire. To trigger event ID 3/2 you would put 30 in the major channel and 20 in the minor. This is done because some sequencers store values 0-100 internally when displaying 0-255.

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