FPP Backup

This screen enables you to backup configuration data. You can also use it to restore configuration data that has been previously backed up.

Creating a Backup

Select which settings you want to backup (Backup Area). If the Protect sensitive data is checked, then sensitive data such as passwords are not copied. Un-check if you wish to make an exact backup – on which case sensitive data such as passwords will be backed up but in plain text.

Note: Sequences, audio and video are not backed up.

Tip: Normally, select ‘All’ to ensure that all your configuration data is backed up.

Then click on Download Configuration. You will be prompted for a location to save the configuration (e.g. on your connected computer drive).

A time stamped JSON file will be created in the specified location (e.g. FPP1_all-backup_20151129130711)

Restoring a Backup

Select an area to restore, select the backup file by clicking on the Choose file button, and optionally select the area you want to restore.

Keep existing master / slave settings: The default is checked to prevent accidental changing of existing master / slave settings. In which case the settings on the device you are restoring to will not be overwritten.

Tip: You can also use the backup and restore function to copy configurations to another FPP instance and then amend as required.

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